About Us

HEI is an innovative, entrepreneurial company that combines research, proven methods and best practices, and calls upon a stable of successful professionals to affordably assist colleges in making the critical pivots that are essential to move an institution from survive to thrive.

What is our goal?

Our primary goal is to utilize proven methods to help colleges and universities pivot toward success for now and the future. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to research, study, and ultimately develop and provide entrepreneurial, innovative, and specialized training for higher education presidents and leaders to help their institutions move from survive to thrive.


Our focus is to provide necessary tools to help institutions adapt and flourish in an age of radical change and challenges and do so at an affordable cost. 

Our Purpose

Most colleges and universities are doing everything they know how to do in order to fully care for their institution and students.  HEI assists institutions to learn and utilize proven tools grounded in research and experience to be more successful now and in the future.

Higher education is the global game-changer. It is among the top pathways to curing the world of poverty, hunger and disease.  It is an important path to a higher quality of life.  In order to provide more people with higher education opportunities and greater chances for completion and subsequent success, higher education must be:

  • more innovative and entrepreneurial

  • more financially stable and viable

  • more relevant – preparing students to be both critical thinkers and employable in current and emerging careers

  • more flexible, responsive, and open to change

  • more in-tune with what society and the world needs them to be

  •  more accessible

  • more affordable

  • more supportive of students before and throughout their educational journey

  • more niched and specialized – not trying to be all things to all people

Our Executive Team

Dr. Mary Landon Darden -Photo-B copy.jpg

Dr. Mary Landon Darden

President of Higher Education Innovation, LLC



Assessment and Organizational Change Coach

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Jay K. Box, Ed.D.

Chief Leadership Innovation Officer