Higher Education Executive Coaching and Training

Preparing leaders for the future – to take institutions from survive to thrive!

Understanding and Relieving Our Pain

  • What is contributing to college failure and how do colleges fight back and move toward thriving?

  • What are the most common challenges, pitfalls and pain points facing higher education and how can we effectively mitigate the damage and learn to build them into strengths?

  • How can we identify what is working and what is not within our institutions?

  • How do we transform resistant faculty into co-creators?

  • How do we stop the financial bleeding and create new and deeper revenue streams to stabilize the future?

Building Creative, Innovative, and Entrepreneurial Solutions and Partnerships

  • How do we become educational entrepreneurs?

  • How can we infuse innovation into our change-resistant culture?

  • How do we inspire and encourage a culture of creativity in our institutions?

  • How do we build partnerships with business and industry to meet their needs and grow our delivery system?

  • How do we build relationships with appropriate state legislators to better advocate for our institutions?

  • Who are the community members of influence and affluence with whom we need to establish relationships so as to establish fundraising opportunities?

  • How can we partner with other higher education institutions for win-win outcomes?

  • How do we provide effective and results-oriented student services that better recruit, admit, and retain prospective students in order to compete in the marketplace?

  • How do we build innovative and successful new programs to meet the rapidly changing roles in industry and the workforce?

  • How can we develop effective and profitable lifelong learning programs that also enhance our public perception?

Understanding Future Success for Higher Education

  • Where is higher education heading for the future?

  • What type of leadership do we need for success?

  • How can we connect to the non-traditional adult market that is now 85% of the prospective market?

  • What are the strengths of the institutions experiencing the most success?

The coaching teams are led by HEI President Dr. Mary Landon Darden, who holds a doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Baylor University and is the author of a book co-published with the American Council on Education and Rowman and Littlefield titled Beyond 2020: Envisioning the Future of Universities in America, which was adopted as a textbook in the higher education administration doctoral program at Harvard University and is being used as a strategic planning tool for a number of universities nationwide. Darden has 25 years of successful, innovative and award-winning higher education leadership experience.  She is currently conducting research and working with colleges and universities to assist with leadership training, institutional critical pivots, and entrepreneurial development and enhancement designed to help move them from “survive to thrive.


Joining Darden’s coaching teams are a number of highly successful college and university subject matter experts including system presidents, vice presidents, and professors of higher education. Specialties include the future of higher education, leadership, entrepreneurship, workforce training and industry partnerships, non-traditional student recruiting and retention. The team will coach and train leaders on how to identify and implement critical needs solutions into and infuse innovation throughout their institution and help develop a culture of progressive co-creators focused on both institutional and student success.

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