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Foundation -Three-Year President Coaching

Foundation -Three-Year President Coaching

This a more comprehensive three-year package for presidents, which provides a strong entrepreneuring foundation and includes 36-months of regular one-on-one coaching and a three-year plan with a current or former successful president, president-coach on-call availability, the President as Entrepreneur Workshop Series, as well as specialist coaching sessions designed to ramp up institutional innovation and transformation for greater success. 


  • The President as Entrepreneur - Workshop Series 

    • Series of 9 Specialists Sessions

  • Monthly Coaching Session with President Coach

    • 36 monthly sessions (2 hours each)

  • President Coach On-Call Availability

    • 9 hours per year

  • Create 3 One-Year Plan Development Plans with Coach

    • 10 hours per year

  • Three Expert Coaching Sessions with Area Specialists

    • Specialist Sessions at 2 hours per session

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