Long-time Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) President Dr. Jay K. Box announced he will be joining Higher Education Innovation, LLC (HEI) as Chief Leadership Innovation Officer. 

Long-time Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) President Dr. Jay K. Box announced he will be joining Higher Education Innovation, LLC (HEI) as Chief Leadership Innovation Officer. 

As President of Higher Education Innovation, LLC (HEI), I am delighted to announce that Dr. Jay K. Box will be joining the HEI Team on October 1, 2020 as Chief Leadership Innovation Officer.  Dr. Box is retiring as long-time President of the top 10 ranked Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) with more than 70 campuses, and where he also served as Chancellor from 2009-2014, President of Hazard Community and Technical College from 2002-2007, and prior as Vice President at McLennan Community College, in Waco, Texas.

Box received the Lifetime Leadership Award at the 2020 HEI Presidents Conference on September 25. The award is presented each year to an outstanding higher education leader with more than 25 years of exemplary service


Box was appointed as the sole community college system president to the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, serves on the national board for Rebuilding America’s Middle Class, the National Council of State Directors of Community Colleges, the Kentucky Business-Education Roundtable, and is an ex-officio board member of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.


Our mission at HEI is to research, study, and ultimately develop and provide entrepreneurial, innovative, and specialized training for higher education presidents and leaders to help their institutions move from survive to thrive. Dr. Box will be a stellar addition to our team!


Dr. Mary Landon Darden, September 25, 2020



I am excited about joining Higher Education Innovation, LLC.  I’ve been very impressed with Dr. Mary Darden’s vision for HEI and the talented team of educators and consultants she has assembled.  I believe that HEI is the right educational leadership company at the right time in our chaotic world.  Today, a new higher education leadership style is needed, and HEI can help develop that new innovative leadership approach to move an institution from ordinary to exceptional.


Dr. J.K. Box, September 25, 2020

Contact Information:

Dr. Jay Box:   jayb@heitoday.org

Dr. Mary Landon Darden:  maryd@heitoday.org

Website:  https://www.heisuccess.com

HEI Introduces Online Visionary Presidents Institute:

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The goal is to enhance creative, entrepreneurial, relevant, and innovative transformational leadership that is designed to move institutions to higher levels of success in times of radical change.

Workshops are limited in members in order to ensure optimum interaction and team building.

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The focus of Higher Education Innovation is to assist with and enhance both the daily operations and ultimate success for institutions of higher education and leadership as they attempt to productively navigate through the radical changes and the challenges of the present and future of higher education.








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