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Our Mission 

We entrepreneur the future of higher education by assisting colleges in being more innovative and entrepreneurial to make the critical pivots necessary for their continued success.  

What We Do

HEI is research based. Our HEI team uses research findings to develop entrepreneurial, innovative, and customized trainings and solutions for college and university leaders to help their institutions forge ahead in today’s chaotic and highly competitive higher education landscape.  We do this by:  

  • Delivering a series of intensive, short-term leadership workshops focused on entrepreneuring and innovation designed specifically for college presidents, their senior leadership team, and motivated future presidents;  

  • Hosting an annual two-day "presidents only" conference focused on entrepreneuring and innovating the future with nationally-known keynote speakers and best-practices presentations from colleagues; and 

  • Providing on-site customized services to help your institution identify and implement innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to your most challenging issues. 

Our Purpose 

Higher education is the global game-changer. It is among the top pathways to curing the world of poverty, hunger, and disease. It is an important path to a higher quality of life. To provide more people with higher education opportunities and greater chances for completion and subsequent success, higher education must be: 

  • More innovative and entrepreneurial 

  • More financially stable and viable 

  • More relevant  

  • More flexible, responsive, and open to change 

  • More in-tune with what society and the world needs them to be 

  • More affordable 

  • More supportive of students before and throughout their educational journey 

  • More niched and specialized 

Most colleges and universities are doing everything they know how to do to fully care for their institution and students.  Institutions are often closer to new innovative and entrepreneurial opportunities than they think. Unfortunately, institutions want to innovate but do not have the frameworks and processes to do so and sustain it. What if your institution could innovate, reach the next level sooner and sustain it? HEI gives your institution the proven frameworks, tactics and tools to be more innovative and entrepreneurial faster and find greater success sooner. 

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