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HEI Webinars

Cannabis in the New 21st Century Emerging Industries: Careers and Educational Studies

Date: Wednesday, July 10

Time: 3:00 PM (EDT)

Presenters:  Raymond MacLeish, Senior Program Manager, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Dr. Terry Kidd, Assistant Vice President of Workforce Development, Continuing Education and Pre-College Programs, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Description:  The Borough of Manhattan Community College recently established a Cannabis Workforce and Business Development Training Program. Learn how this state-funded program is designed to train and introduce new employees into the emerging New York City cannabis labor market, including the mandates given by New York’s governing agencies. Hear more about this program and how BMCC is on the frontline of training the workforce of the emerging cannabis market!

Perspectives From and the Roles of Dominant and Non-Dominant Racial Groups in Higher Education: What the Latest Research Suggests

Date: Thursday, August 1

Time: 3:00 PM (EDT)

Presenter: Dr. Karen White-Goyzueta, C4REL Consulting

Ramona Curtis, Director of Workforce Development, Tulsa Community College

Description:  White male social justice ally administrators at predominantly White institutions can act as catalysts in the Academy to create a more equitable campus. To do so, they must possess the ability to show empathy and understand the perspectives, needs, and concerns of key stakeholders. Rather than this empathy being applied to impose one’s own beliefs or views, the goal is to foster a more profound connection that contributes to the development of these stakeholders in a manner that enhances their capacity for strategic thinking.


In the second presentation, join Dr. White-Goyzueta as she discusses the results of her research on “Exploring Religiosity and the Reflective Perspectives of Microaggressions Endured by Students and Educators from Non-Dominant Racial Groups in Higher Education,” published last year in the International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science. She will address the role religion plays in student support and the enrollment crisis endured by college administrators when equity is not clearly defined, nor practiced, to support educators from non-dominant racial groups.

Engineering and Sustaining Institutional Innovation

Date: Wednesday, September 11

Time: 3:00 PM (EDT)

Presenter: Dr. Joanna L. Kile, Vice President, Higher Education Innovation

Description:  Join us for an exclusive webinar that delves into the secrets of sustained innovation within colleges. While most institutions boast pockets of innovation, the absence of a proven, replicable framework often hampers long-term success. In this engaging session, discover an innovation framework tailored specifically for the unique needs and challenges of higher education. Learn how to generate innovative solutions to your most pressing problems by sparking ideas from your team members. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your community college's approach to innovation. You can engineer innovation!

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