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Beyond 2020: Envisioning the Future of Universities in America

In a world progressing with dizzying acceleration into the Information Age, the slow, measured approach of the traditional university can place administrator, faculty member, and student alike at a disadvantage. To move into this brave new world, the academic animal needs tools. 

Beyond 2020: Envisioning the Future of Universities in America is that tool. Higher education experts in a host of fields project into the future and paint a clear picture of the future university. Nearly two dozen scholars, including James Duderstadt and Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, provide the most detailed road map yet to the perils and promise of the Information Age―as it directly applies to academia.

This is a collection of refreshingly frank opinions and observations from forward-thinking experts on the front lines with the best views on how to prepare the healthiest possible institution of tomorrow. It is something akin to an academic prophesy, but grounded in the expertise of a combined several centuries' worth of higher education experience.

Online Reviews

Asking the right questions for the future

Mary Darden is bold enough to pose the right questions to some of the best minds in university education. Stimulating, forward-thinking ideas are expressed in this tome. It should be required reading in post-secondary education courses.

"Future Shock" for Academia.

What a great idea for a book! Poll the leading scholars and presidents to try and predict the future of the university in a global economy and global information market. Whither go shared governance in the age of the corporatization of college life?! If you care about the future of the university, you will read this book.

Editorial Reviews

Mary Darden's book Beyond 2020, is a must-read for those who have an interest in education. It is poignant, without question, and informative. Anyone who reads Beyond 2020 is going to have a different understanding of education than they had prior to reading it.

― Bernard Rapoport, former chair of the University of Texas System Board of Regents

Beyond 2020: Envisioning the Future University brings to the forefront critical pieces of the higher education puzzle and offers a collection of interviews from some of the most diverse, innovative and experienced individuals in the academic world. Change is necessary and those who value our country’s future should make this must reading.

― Dr. Charles B. Reed, Chancellor, California State University

The contributors to Beyond 2020 bring a multitude of experience and perspective to the discussion about the future of higher education. Their wisdom and foresight provide valuable guidance for university leaders working to address challenges and seize the opportunities that will position their institutions for success in the 21st century.

― Lou Anna K. Simon, Ph.D., President, Michigan State University

Dr. Mary Landon Darden

President of Higher Education Innovation, LLC

Higher Education futurist Mary Landon Darden is President of Higher Education Innovation, LLC and author of Beyond 2020: Envisioning the Future of Universities in America and  Entrepreneuring the Future of Higher Education: Radical Transformation in Times of Profound Change. She earned a doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Baylor University, has nearly three decades of experience in college and university leadership, research, teaching, writing, and speaking. Darden served for five years as a university campus dean and currently offers higher education leadership/entrepreneurship workshops through HEI for college and university presidents and administrators.

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