Higher Education Innovation

Our mission is to transform higher education. 

We provide entrepreneurial leadership development and innovative, customized organizational transformation grounded in collaboration, best practices, and cutting-edge research. 

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HEI Visionary Presidents Institute:
Executive Workshops, Training, and Certificate

The President as Entrepreneur

Wednesdays, February 16-April 27, 2022

Administrators as Entrepreneurs

Thursdays, February 17-April 28, 2022

Who are we?

HEI is an innovative, entrepreneurial company serving the network of higher education. We are a team of successful and passionate professionals dedicated to affordably assisting colleges in making the critical pivots essential to move an institution from survive to thrive. 

What We Do:


Services section:

HEI is research based. Our HEI team uses research findings to develop entrepreneurial, innovative, and specialized training for college and university leaders to help their institutions forge ahead in today’s chaotic and highly-competitive higher education world. 

We do this by delivering a series of intensive, short-term leadership sessions focused on entrepreneuring and innovation designed specifically for college presidents, their senior leadership team, and motivated future presidents; providing one-on-one presidential coaching services;  and hosting an annual two-day "presidents only" conference with nationally-known keynote speakers and best-practices presentations from colleagues. 


Leadership Series for Current and Future Presidents

HEI offers entrepreneurial
presidential training workshops for current presidents, administrators, and future presidents.

Coaching Services:

HEI provides coaching from top preforming presidents and experts in a number of highly needed areas. 

HEI Annual President Conferences

HEI hosts an annual presidents conference for college and university presidents. 

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